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Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Which Lethargy Can Be Fatal . . .

A brief word:

Being a once-upon-a-time LotR buff, I became engaged in a discussion the other night with a fellow flatmate on characters from the movies and books. During our tete-a-tete, she expressed to me her deep irritation regarding the films' interpretation of Faramir, her favorite character. His portrayal as a power-hungry warrior like almost every other male human in the story is (and I agree) very OOC. She summed up his character in these words (as if he were saying them):

"Hmm, power. That sounds like somthing that would get in the way . . . of reading."

So epic.

To my dismay but not enormous surprise, the weekend as thus far left me unmotivated to do anything related to school or to personal projects. The school bit, right now, takes a bit more priority only because the workload is going to quickly increase as the semester progresses. I would like to have a handle on it now and find free time later. I don't think this is going to actually happen, though. I'll at least try to catch up on my reading today. Sleeping in, as nice as it is, doesn't help one get things done.

It seems that our group is trying to plan a birthday surprise for one of our own. Hopefully we can go to this sushi place at the local mall since it's not even two blocks away. We'll see, though.

I'm still very, very, very annoyed at our internet. We're still on the temp plan that won't even let us watch vids on youtube. Grah! We HAVE to get this resolved soon.

Now, projects, projects, projects . . . despite my recent decision to post my main story on ff.net, I'm once again reconsidering. Mostly because if I do decide to publish it, ff.net may not be the best place to give it exposure. So I might - might - start posting here. Again, we'll see. I keep rewriting the beginning and it still doesn't want to cooperate. It either throws the reader into the story too quickly and without enough creative exposition, or the exposition is too lengthy and predictable. I've also been fiddling with possible prologues. I think I might have hit on one that will work the best, but I still have to actually put it into words. I hate it when I start narrating in my head and it sounds really good, but then I can't write down what I'm thinking right away, and then when I do eventually do write it, it never sounds as good. Then again, I tend to get ideas that sound good when I first think them, and then on belated reflection they sound really strange or idiotic. Ah, the creative process. What a turbulent journey (i.e. pain in the ass).

Just another dreary day in London. It's after 3pm and it looks like it's 10 in the morning. Oh joy.

Oh, but I did visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum the other day. It's amazing how many antiques the owners had to collect and bring together to create such a Victorian ambience. And the wax figures made me jump.

"Watson, that is a very loose translation!" - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, "The Red-Headed League"

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