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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't give me that look . . .

A not-so-brief word:

Yeah, it's been a while. Coming to London has proved to be one hectic adventure after another. First just getting to the hotel, then having orientation, then finding housing, then keeping teachers and parents updated on events . . . I've barely had a chance to breathe! Now I have a little bit of time to regroup and recommence with my insignificant string of thoughts in this here dark corner of the Web. So let me unwind a little. *stretch* *sigh*

All right, so what's important right now? Well, for the moment I feel like an incompetant jerk because I woke up late and missed both the workstudy meeting and the rendezvous with my flatmates to submit our downpayment. Because I still don't have a sim card, no one can call me directly. I've left a message on one of their machines, so hopefully things will work out. Still, I could kick myself. Repeatedly.

As you can probably guess, all this insanity means I haven't had an opportunity to work on anything writing-wise - I didn't even have a decent chance to get on here! XP Sometimes, though, the creative juices get backed up when real-life issues step in. But even so, I'm trying to stay open to inspiration. Maybe for nothing I'm working on now, but some future endeavor - I need something aside from school work and socializing to look forward to.

Things will be a lot easier once I can access my own laptop instead of having to use a computer at the school. My stupid adapter has only two holes for plug prongs instead of three, so I can't fit my laptop plug into it. *headdesk* Also, I won't have access to the Internet on my laptop until we move into the flat. Which will be Sunday. *takes deep breath* Just a little while longer . . .

I don't usually get homesick, at least not until the end of a term when I sense the end drawing near. But now, what with my big sleeping-in fail and everything else, I'm a bit blue. I think this constant connectivity with my mom is also contributing, which is bizarre. Normally I don't talk to my parents very regularly when at school, so I can kind of pretend they don't exist, which makes me miss them less. Sounds horrible, yes, but it's helped me not feel as stressed about school. Now that I'm more aware that my family's not near by because I'm talking to them so much, I actually miss them more. Why am I so messed up? *another headdesk*

I'll feel better once there are things to do. I have no doubt of that. It's London for crying out loud - there's too much to do! Unless you're broke, which I'll probably be in a month. I applied for workstudy at the school, which will hopefully not interfere with my internship or my independent study. I need some kind of cash inflow.

Oh, by the way, it SNOWED here on the second day. American weather is stalking us!

"These are bigs hotdogs." - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

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