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Sunday, November 2, 2014

It has BEGUN . . .

A brief word:

NANOWRIMO! Yes, indeed, the magical journey begins. Oh my.

It is Day 2, in fact, and it's off to a promising start. One of the challenges I'll enjoy tackling is not getting caught up in editing my work as I write. On the one hand, not having to revise what you've written every few hundred words can be wildly liberating. You just keep pushing forward, not worrying if you didn't write a sentence or scene quite right. On the other hand, though--that's a lot to sift through in the revision process once you've hit 50,000 words. I mean whoa.

Optimism, though. Optimism! Meeting a daily word count is inspiring rare confidence in me. Yeah, it will be a crap first draft, but once the words are down, the agonizing process of making everything actually work will happen in a more holistic fashion. Having the full 200-page manuscript will be an accomplishment by itself. So I keep reminding myself. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming . . .

In other news: Halloween was fun, though not very eventful. I wore a costume based on a character from Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (hint: it's the Jabberwocky). My friend liked it but didn't love it because she's an Alice purist, Carroll or bust. She don't mess around with the classic. Since I had no plans for any parties or trick-or-treating (a 13-year-old at a Nanowrimo write-in said her neighbor yelled at her in fear when she came dressed up to get candy; I don't think 25-year-old me could do better), I was prepared to stay in and hand out candy to kids. Bad news: not as many kids in my neighborhood as I thought (the frequent playful screams outside during the day tell me otherwise), and almost no one else on the block had Halloween decorations up. Thankfully one group of kids came by, and one other kid with their parent. I let them take as much as they wanted. Still have plenty of treats left over that I will gradually devour over the coming week.

In other other news: heading home soon for my impending trip to London. In fact I have to pack for both London AND Thanksgiving. But honestly, I still have clothes at my parents' house, so I'm trying not to have a conniption about it. Better to focus on seeing my sister again after three months. We're going to embark on a new endeavor: podcasts! We tried a tumblr blog but found ourselves too busy to make it launch. A podcast seems to require less maintenance. Might as well try it. Our discussion will focus on nerdy fandom things with a strong emphasis on television and movies. This might require me to actually watch some of the things she does, although we share a few common-ground shows.

All right, off to grocery shopping. I have almost no food. Which would be ideal for someone about to leave the apartment for almost a month. But I want to be able to eat before I leave. Silly, I know,

"Let's just not come in tomorrow. Let's just take a day. Have you ever tried shawarma? There's a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't know what it is, but I wanna try it." - The Avengers