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Monday, April 4, 2011

What time is it? It's time for . . .

A brief word:

There's honestly no point in addressing the fact that it's been about five months since my last post, because there are much more pressing issues at hand to address.

One is: what the heck happened to Arlene C. Harris' blogs? Honestly, they just up and disappeared one day, and my life has been a black hole ever since. Her website for her PauC series is still up, but hasn't been updated in forever. I'm not really requesting any info about what's become of her (although if you have it I would be much obliged), but I hope all is well. Maybe it's a form of sabbatical. I honestly don't know. I just miss her little updates, even if they had no direct relation to the novels or their releases. It was one more thing to do online to avoid speaking to people on facebook. *sigh*

Two: There's been yet another shift in my fandom updates. HHL hasn't been touched in a while, but I am still entertaining the hope that my continuing attentions to TEC will produce some new chapters once classes are finished. And speaking of classes . . .

Three: LAST SEMESTER OF UNDERGRAD! And I've only about a month left! Terrifying and exhilerating. Oh, and grad school acceptance/rejection letters are coming in, which means if I receive yet another rejection from my last program of application, I'm going to Emerson! I think I will even if the other school does come through, but there's always the question of money to consider. Bleh.

Four: Well, actually, I'm going back to "two" because I wasn't done. So all Trinity Blood fics are officially on hold for now. But I am paying homage to that fandom by doing a presentation on it in my sci-fi lit class. Hooray! I'm planning on presenting it as a key series in the vampire genre of Japanese pop lit/manga and why it's so unique and . . . awesome. So there'll be some references to series like Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, Blood and Blood+, Vampire Knight (:P), Rosario (double :P) and whatever else I manage to find. I dunno yet if Castlevania would apply, since it was a videogame series first, but remember, Trinity Blood is the main focus. Can't pull in too many other series and overwhelm it.

So what am I into now? I think I mentioned it as of last post, but I've been working on my BBC Sherlock plotbunnies and finally posted a story at the end of December. Chapter 4 is now up: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6611369/4/The_Ghost_In_The_Theatre. By the way, Sherlock fans are REALLY quick with their updates. Sheesh.

If you want an idea of what my fic is about, it's basically a crossover with another fandom I still flirt with from time to time, but not as seriously as I used to. So this is my way of reviving it and giving tribute not only to Doyle, but to a Holmes pastiche that I enjoy despite disapproval from hardcore Sherlockians.

Now, a point of griping . . . yeah, I'm going on a limb and complaining about something. I just want it out of my system without giving names or too many specifics.

Imagine yourself in a situation, on a website where fans post fanwork, where someone seems to be asking for serious critique on something they did, and you see that they need some assistance in a certain area (let's say grammar), and it's not because they're stupid, but because English is not their first language. So you point out some simple mistakes in the politest way you can manage and encourage them - note, ENCOURAGE - to keep up the good work, as it normally goes.

The response you receive clearly shows that they took your constructive criticism as a personal attack and claim 1) they never asked for your opinion, 2) they're now not going to try translating their work into English anymore because of what you said, and 3) now everyone gets to blame you for it.

I don't think I need to explain how many levels of immature this touches. I sent an apologetic reply, saying it was not my intention to belittle them, but the person remained obstinant. I have not attempted another reply since: there'd be no point.

So why then am I griping about it? Maybe I want to send a message out to all artists - writers, painters, photographers, sculptors, whatever - that when you place your work in a public venue, you should expect critical feedback, not just praise. This is usually because people want to see your work *improve*, to get even better than how it is now. I know it's annoying and depressing when your work doesn't meet other people's standards, but you must maintain a critical attitude of your work and respect the advice others offer you if you want to get anywhere. Art is a continuous learning experience. Most people, I assume, have already grasped this, and maybe I'm preaching to the choir, but as long as there is still one person out there who behaves the way this paricular individual did, it still needs to be said.

I can understand the temptation to respond strongly to a remark on your work that seems gratutiously harsh or, more importantly, in no way helpful and written with the intention to tear you down. That is perfectly understandable. It's when a person cannot distinguish between "constructive criticism" and "bashing" that we have a problem.

I actually wouldn't have bothered being nitpicky had the person not indicated that they wanted legit criticism. I really want to point that out to them, but it would probably escalate into a nasty confrontation. And I don't want my account spammed by this person's fan-following or whatever.

But I will say, after enduring all this, that one person sent me a message assuring me that I had done nothing untoward. I honestly didn't expect anyone else to notice, care or take the time to say something, so I want to keep giving that person my whole-hearted thanks. The world is a better, saner place with people like you. <3

There's not much else left to say on that subject, so I'll peace out. I might post again in the near future for more special topics, so if you're following *crickets chirp* keep an eye out. I haven't even told you about my roommate! 8D

"To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people!" - A Fish Called Wanda

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