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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jelly baby, anyone? . . .

A brief word:

*gasp* First, in very distant relevance to this blog's title, I am both excited and frustrated after seeing the season finale of Doctor Who. Woot! Yes, I am indeed a fan, though just a fledgling since I was converted this past spring in London - the best place to become a DW fan, IMO. Since then I've done a little general research on the whole franchise as well as diligently watched the new season to its conclusion, and now I'm antsy about when the Christmas episode will come out, and what will happen. Gah!

It's helped that my sis was also converted when I made her start watching the show after I came home. Now she's madly in love with David Tennant - can't say I really blame her, as he is a phenomenal actor. I myself didn't consider him attractive when I first saw him in HP:GoF, but now he's grown on me. I do like Matt Smith a lot, though. He's so adorable in a really strange way. :D

One mystery about this new series that's really been bugging me is . . . who the hell is River Song?! It's going to drive me crazy until Series 6 starts. I took a look at some of the Doctor's previous companions - particularly those of #4 (Tom Baker is awesome, too) - to see if there were any possible returners. My friend who introduced me to the series and I have begun to wonder if River is a Time Lady, even perhaps Romana. She told me while we watched "The Time of Angels" that River's superior TARDIS-piloting abilities reminded her of a previous companion who was a Time Lady. Of course, she might have been referring to someone else other than Romana. I'm not that knowledgable of the series yet. It will take me years to be so, I think, but that won't stop me from theorizing. ;)

Anyway, I'm gonna change the subject here without any logical segue whatsoever. I forgot to mention in my last post that along with visiting colleges, I spent part of my summer going to Maine. Friends of my parents had rented this place in Tenant's Harbor and they invited us to stay with them for a week. I was surprised that their place turned out to be a cross between a cottage and a cabin. Small but with a fantastic, peaceful setting. The only sounds around us were the waves crashing on the rocks far below and the lobster fishing boats that drove out in the wee hours of the morning. It was also the week where everywhere else in the U.S. was roasting in unprecedented early-July temperatures, but our spot in Maine was just right. We were getting a breeze right off the Atlantic Ocean.

There was only one downside . . . I got f***ing poison ivy. What a bitch. It's almost been three weeks and it still hasn't fully gone away. Still itches like hell sometimes. I got it really bad on my leg and it looks like I have some skin deformity. Or that I got attacked by a wolverine. At one point I had really disgusting welts in that area and my sis said I looked like I'd been shot. Thanks, hon. You always know how to make me feel better. o_o

Now, to change the subject again, I'm still planning to contine on my Blood Wars fics, but I still need to tweak plot a bit and keep fleshing out OCs before putting them on paper. In fact, I found this really great guide to making decent OCs, esp. if you like to write Trinity Blood fics. For anyone trying to get their OCs off the ground, I highly recommend it: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3426546/1/How_to_Make_a_Trinity_Blood_OC_Work.

Still don't know when these stories will be posted on ff.net. Hopefully before or around when classes start up again. Depending on how much progress I make within the next month. I'll keep it up on deviantart even after that. Probably.

That's it for now. Until next time . . . Geronimo!!

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