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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've got nothing better to do . . .

Actually, that's not entirely true. But I've got nothing to do that I want to do right now. Like write a personal essay which I could probably put off till Sunday. Probably. Or those journal entries I need to catch up on. But I need to do more reading for those.

So, yeah. Why am I posting now? I guess I need to put down some thoughts.

Thursday evenings, when I have no plans, often play out as a period of responsibility limbo. That is, I have nothing to prepare for for tomorrow, but I can't stay up super late and then sleep in. Nope, gotta go in for the internship at 9am. :P

Also, Lent has started, and right now I'm thinking of giving up fanfiction activity. Mostly because my recent writing craze for HHL has gotten in the way of attending to school work. That doesn't mean I won't be include to do other writing, but it'll be one less thing I'll obsessively check every day. I've refrained from giving up a type of food for Lent because 1) I need all the food I can eat - I'm a poor student, and 2) I feel I can focus on things to give up that'll do mental good than necessarily physical good. I've got enough distractions to worry about.

As I think about it, I might try to attempt some - oh I don't know - ORIGINAL fiction and submit it to our school's literary magazine. But it'll still be related to my fanfiction in some way. At this stage it's almost undeniable.

Now, for a brief word:

WOOHOO, Pont-au-Change site update tomorrow! Looking forward to it, ACH! That's going to be the highlight of my Friday. Cuz I need to save money and can't spend it on movies and stuff. That's not insult, trust me. I've been excited about this for months.

I wonder if I should do more art, too? That'd be interesting. I'm a crap drawer in general, but it might be a good stress-reliever.

Anything else? Ooh! Wales next Friday. I know it's not really related to my studies. I don't care. It's vaguely related to my major writing project AND it's an opportunity to take in more of the UK. I know I'll be going to Scotland in a few weeks, but . . . it's Wales! End of argument!


"Love is a grave mental illness." - Plato

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